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api casing , What is the API standard for casing?

API 5CT is standard technical specifications for steel casing and tubing pipes used for oil wells in petroleum and natural gas industries.

List of 9 Major  api casing pipe suppliers in China

  • Sanjack Petro
    Sanjack Petro, established in 1964, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, R & D, manufacturing, and oilfield services.

  • Shandong Xuanlin Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
    API 5CT Eue Btc Thread Q125 OCTG Seamless Oil Casing Pipe, 

  • Hunan Hengan Weiye Metal Products Co., Ltd.
    API 5L J55 K55 N80 L80 C90 T95 P110 Q125 V150 Seamless Pipe Oil Casing Gas Transmission Pipe Oil Well Pipe

    High Quality API 5CT Standard Seamless Oil Casing J55/K55/L80/N80/P110/T95/Q125

  • Shandong Beyond Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.
    API Spec 5CT Casing Pipe for Oil and Gas Extraction

    API 5CT C90/C95/T95 9-5/8" Seamless Steel Oil Pipe Casing

  • Shandong Light Fir Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Casing Tubing API 5CT, J55, N80, R2/R3/API 5b Oil Drilling Equipment

  • Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.
    Casing API 5CT OCTG Btc K55 N80 P110

  • Wuxi Oilfield Equipment and Tools Group Co., Ltd.
    API 5CT OCTG Seamless Oil Vacuum Insulated Tubing and Casing for Oilfield

Contact api casing pipe Suppliers

China is one of the most important supply bases in the global petroleum equipment industry chain. If you are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of related products, we will provide the latest inquiry and quotation, and contact us

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